Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Midweek Meatloaf

I made Home-Style Meatloaf to bring to lunch. I made this meat loaf with extra-lean ground turkey instead of the suggested ground sirloin. I have not yet calculated the actual calories or fat grams, but I am hoping it will be slightly lighter than this recipe. I have also packed slices of bread, cucumber and an orange to enjoy.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lunch - Plan B

Tomorrow's lunch will be a basic turkey sandwich, small spinach salad with an orange and crackers for snacks. My original plan was Trader Joe's Gnocchi, however the package did not serve three as I had planned for. Instead, it ended up being well under three cups, therefore I had one serving for dinner and my boyfriend enjoyed the rest.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Breakfast & Lunch 1/27/06

Yippee! I received my Laptop Lunchbox in the mail and it is purple! Tomorrow, I will be having Cold Asian Pasta with Peanut Butter Sauce for lunch. The recipe for this Asian pasta salad can be found in the Laptop Lunchbox User Guide. I also packed slices of an orange and cucumber mixed with red bell pepper slices for snacks. I still had a compartment left and decided to pack a breakfast too. I packed a homemade muesli. I mixed oats and chopped dried apricots with a drizzle of honey, a tablespoon or so of apricot perserves and then stirred in enough milk (soy milk is really good too) to moisten the mixture. It needs to be refridgerated overnight. The muesli shown is before it has been refridgerated and therefore has not yet set. This looks like a ton of food, but I am going to try to eat more throughout the day and less at night. Currently, I drink coffee until 1:30pm. Then I had a small broth soup and a roll for lunch. I ate dinner at 8pm. Usually, I eat more at night, but tonight it wasn't too bad (homemade chili and a GoLean bar).

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Turkey Chili for Lunch

I have decided to start bringing my lunches to work. Which is depressing, since I would rather leave my building than spend another hour there.

Tonight I packed one cup homemade turkey chili (about 250 calories), Trader Joe's Corn Tortilla Flat Bread Crackers (90 calories) and a Spinach Salad. This will probably be too much food, since I had one cup of chili and some crackers for dinner and that filled me up. I have a secret fear of not having enough food at work and then resorting to junk food.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Thai-Style Ground Beef

 Thai-Style Ground Beef is a keeper. Minus the fish oil. Yuck.