Sunday, January 22, 2006

Turkey Chili for Lunch

I have decided to start bringing my lunches to work. Which is depressing, since I would rather leave my building than spend another hour there.

Tonight I packed one cup homemade turkey chili (about 250 calories), Trader Joe's Corn Tortilla Flat Bread Crackers (90 calories) and a Spinach Salad. This will probably be too much food, since I had one cup of chili and some crackers for dinner and that filled me up. I have a secret fear of not having enough food at work and then resorting to junk food.


Jenny P said...

I like your dish presentation. It will probably be too much food, but you can always eat it as a snack. Plus, the less you finish, the less calories you eat.

crackmonkee said...

That looks soooooo yummy :)

serena said...

You can totally just pack a lunch, nuke it, and go sit outside when its nice. Sometimes I do that, just to get out of the building.