Sunday, April 09, 2006

Vegetarian Pita Sandwich

The previous lunch of pita slices with hummus evolved into this vegetarian pita sandwich. The pita sandwich is filled with hummus, sprouts, shredded carrots, sweet bell peppers, and persian cucumbers. These veggies were previously my side items and now became the main course. I packed seedless grapes and strawberries to complement the sandwich. This lunch was more satisfying than the previous pita slices and toppings.


Becky said...

Hey SweetCherry,
I love your site and you have inspired me to order the Laptop Lunchbox. I can't wait to get it and begin using it
I am addicted to seeing what you'll be making for your lunches. You have really great ideas!

Regina said...

Thank you for your postive feedback!

t. said...

This looks so good! And fit also for a vegan like me! I have also started posting recipes, but I doubt they will ever get that yummy!