Sunday, March 05, 2006

Taco Dip

I transformed last night's tacos into today's taco dip. The bottom layer is ground turkey with taco seasonings. I topped the turkey with a very thin layer of fat-free sour cream. Next comes the shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes. All sprinkled with reduced-fat fancy shredded cheese and green onions.

To my dismay, I could not find baked tortilla chips anywhere this weekend. Instead of the baked chips that I desperately sought, I am having one serving of Trader Joe's bite-sized tortilla rounds. At least there will be no trans-fat, aka hydrogenated oils.

Also, there is red pepper and nectarine slices (drizzled with lemon juice to prevent browning).


Anonymous said...

Where do you get your lunchbox? Or is it just single tupperware that you put together to take the picture??

Curious minds want to know!

(found your site through a link to a link to a link) and am not a blogger so that's why it's anonymous!


SweetCherry said...

I ordered the lunchbox from They also carry it at a local Natural foods store. The website has a list of local vendors. The lunchbox itself (outer container), I am not too impressed with. I would like something that seals much tighter. Only one compartment has a lid, so I use Glad's press n' seal on the rest of the compartments.

Laptop lunches sells the inner containers separately. If you have a good lunch box, I would suggest buying the inner portion only.

Overall, I do love the Laptop Lunchbox!

Paige said...

Seriously, that is the coolest lunchbox compartments I've ever seen! I'm so ordering these come payday!

NotSkinny said...

Your lunchbox is the coolest looking lunchbox I have ever seen. Makes me want to run out and get one - even though I have no where to go to use it.