Sunday, May 21, 2006

Snacks vs. Treats

Recently, I read a small article on the difference between snacks and treats. The author stated that snacks are mini-meals and will provide nourishment. Treats will not meet those conditions and will therefore be less healthy, i.e. contain more sugar, etc.

I realized that I am definately giving myself more treats than snacks. Eventhough I pick my treats to be low-calorie and high in fiber, I still can do much better.

Take this lunch for instance:

Breakfast/Early Snack: 1/2 low-fat apple/cherry bran muffin (with coffee with sugar and creamer)
Lunch: Small turkey wrap sandwich with baked chips and kiwi
Late Afternoon Snack: Luna Bar

My goal is to replace my current treats with healthier snacks and move towards more nourishing foods.


Nicole (SummersComing) said...

Just wanted to tell you that I love your pictures. They inspire me to eat within my portions!

Also, I have you on my list and when I check my sitemeter...your site is the most often "out-clicked"! LOL I think random people who stumble onto my site are thinking that they will be transported to some very real porn!!! I just wonder what the heck they think diet porn entails?!

Regina said...

Thanks for the fun comment! I knew it..."Porn" sells. I am thinking of going to grad school for a degree with nutrition. With this in mind, I was considering changing this blog to a more professional name. It seems like a lot of work, but with this info, perhaps I will keep it.

...jus me said...

Hey, I loved this post! I have always known that there is a big difference between snacks and treats, but I enjoy the options too much and need to purify my eating.
I love all your pictures too. They are very helpful and give me lots of ideas as well.

I linked to you on my post today on Chubby Toes! I thought everyone should see all your great pics and recipes! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

say it isn't so! say it isn't so! snacks and treats cannot be mutually exclusive! deep in my heart i know that treats can be snacks! and visa vera.

i need a cool beverage and a little bit of quiet time now.


Regina said...

Hmmmm.....Are you mocking my Aha moment with the snacks vs. treats?

For that cool beverage may I suggest blending Crystal Light lemonade and frozen strawberries. Delish!

Anonymous said...

no, i am certainly now mocking. i just believer that snacks can be treats. i've done some thought on this.

yummy ripe peach = treat and snack!
goat yogurt with a flurry of walnuts = treat and snack.
1 oz 80% dark chocolate = treat and snack and antioxident
caramel swirl ice cream = ok, that's just a treat.
energy bar=snack and could never hope to be a treat.

i think my point is, that every snack should be a treat (in the sense of a tasty delight that one enjoys and savors not in the sense of empty sugary or salty or junky calories.)