Monday, May 22, 2006

Tuna Fish

For lunch, I packed a tuna fish salad, cut into fourths. Mango slices, Yum! The GoLean bar was also delish. The bar tasted like a candy bar. However, it was the same about of calories and almost the same amount of fat as a candy bar too. It was 6 points. Next time, I will not be buying that.


Living to Feel Good said...

That looks yummy! Those bars sure can get high in the pts. I once spent 15 mins at whole foods going through all of them to find a low point bar. I was thinking at the time that they sure do a good job fooling people into thinking they are a great alternative.
BTW Love the lunch pictures!!

Jen said...

These pics inspire me! Thanks for posting them :)

chris said...

nice pics. keep up the good work.