Sunday, June 11, 2006


I am still on a bagels kick. Last week, I found the bagels to be really filling. This week I have switched to mini-bagels. I couldn't find any bagels at the store with less than 290 calories a bagel. (Last week the bagels were 180 calories each) Two mini-bagels have 200 calories. I am hoping that these will be equally filling. Additionally, I am using only one wedge of laughing cow cheese on both bagels. Last week, I was using reduced fat cream cheese. My veggie is a sweet bell pepper and my fruit is ultra expensive cherries. I could not resist the cherries. For dessert, there is Snackwell's Chocolate-Mint Cake Cookies. Although these cookies are low in fat, they contain an average amount of calories. One cookie has 50 calories. I think that is the same, if not more than the other cookies that I looked at of the same size. I also packed a Crystal Light On The Go Fruit Punch mix.

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How to Keep Your Bagel Fresh *Healthifica* - Health Newsletter, Articles and Blogs said...

[..]You can keep your bagels fresh within five to seven days if you know how to keep it.[..]

Living to Feel Good said...

Thanks for the comment. I realized once you left it, that you might have been the one who posted it, so I went to your blog and there it was. So I gave you credit on how I found out about the fruit punch! Thanks again for mentioning it on your blog. Now I am addicted to it. I bought 5 boxes tonight because it's on sale. LoL.

Nicole (SummersComing) said...

Hope everything is going well! I miss seeing your lunches!