Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Radish Tea Sandwiches

We received our first Community Sustained Agriculture organic food box today from EatWell Farm. I love it and should have taken a picture of all the awesome produce. Currently, we will receive our locally grown produce every other week. I think we may have to switch it to a weekly box. Unfortunately, I typically let produce go to waste before I use it. My plan is to incorporate more produce into my diet on a daily basis and with CSA I will always have a variety of produce available to me.

For lunch, I will be having Radish Tea Sandwiches. Yes, I know they have butter in them...I used a very small amount. Additionally, I am having a CSA madarin orange and some dry cereal that I mixed in Craisins and almond slivers. We received adorable baby heads of lettuce in this box. Although, this salad is made from our former lettuce.

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