Sunday, June 06, 2010

Review: Mushroom Pie with Spinach Crust

I made Mollie Katzen's Mushroom Pie with Spinach Crust (from "Enchanted Broccoli Forest"). The recipe called for "thick yogurt" and I decided to use a non-fat greek yogurt. I am not sure if that was right, because the yogurt flavor was strong. Overall, the recipe was good and I think I would make it again. (I tend to try new things instead of reusing tried and true recipes - unless they are quick ones.) I did dirty quite a few dishes. The original recipe suggests four servings. However, I felt that it makes 8 filling servings.

I ran the recipe through WW recipe builder and 1/8 the pie is only 3 points! I think it would be 3 points if you followed the exact recipe too. I made slight adjustments for the "modifications" that I made: 1. I used 9 ounces of spinach instead of 12; 2. I was also slightly short on mushrooms; 3. I shredded two slices of reduced-fat swiss cheese instead of using already grated swiss cheese. I didn't melt any additional cheese on top of the pie and only mixed it in the filling; and 4. I reduced the white flour in the pie crust from 3/4 cup to 2/3 of a cup to adjust for the lack of spinach.

Not bad for a filling meal. And I think if you wanted to eat 1/4 the pie, 6 points isn't bad either. And if you are a quiche person, the spinach crust is genius!

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